Tartarus Sector: Deadfall

Deadfall is a research station studying the mechanics and processes involved in Terraforming. The world is an Earth-sized planet with a good temperature, but little atmosphere or surface water, and minimal volcanic activity. This static situation has made it an ideal laboratory for studies of atmospheric development and volcanic activity.To promote volcanic activity, asteroids are … Continue reading Tartarus Sector: Deadfall

Tartarus Sector: Tartarus

This is an extremely fertile world, with thousands of species of plant/animal hybrids that use the sun's energy and the rich carbon dioxide/oxygen atmosphere for growth. Although it holds great promise, it is now the site of a major crisis for the ICC. Tartarus was discovered only a generation ago, but it was already habitable … Continue reading Tartarus Sector: Tartarus

Tartarus Sector: Temple

This is a science outpost on a planet with a toxic atmosphere and low gravity (1/12 Earth) where two dozen researchers are working on metallurgy. They are being assisted by nearly 50 Synthetics of the latest design, and new techniques are being developed for the use of Synthetics in research. The manufacturers of the Synthetics, … Continue reading Tartarus Sector: Temple

Tartarus Sector: Devil’s Peak

Most of this world is covered by ocean, with only a single landmass rising above its surface. This area is at a very high elevation (15,000 feet above sea level), and contains the Colony. Since the atmosphere is moderately toxic, the Colony exists in four domes, and Atmosphere Processors are slowly adjusting the air.Until recently, … Continue reading Tartarus Sector: Devil’s Peak

Tartarus Sector: Twilight

This Colony harnesses the planet's volcanic energy and magma for ore processing and other mining. Volcanic eruptions have polluted the atmosphere beyond the ability of any Atmosphere Processor to cleanse it, and the dim light which reaches the surface gave the Colony its name. The atmosphere is toxic, and the Colony of 15,000 is domed. … Continue reading Tartarus Sector: Twilight

Tartarus Sector: Scorcher

A small manufacturing facility on a hot, barren world with no atmosphere. This world is very close to its sun, and the intense heat makes it uniquely uninhabitable. The Colony survives by being buried under the surface, and is protected by domes with multiple barriers that are highly reflective. This keeps the heat to a … Continue reading Tartarus Sector: Scorcher

Tartarus Sector

This small sector branches off from the Micor Sector at Argos, and is named for the fertile world of Tartarus. That planet is the scene of the greatest emergency in the ICC in recent years, as the indigenous Harvesters have surfaced and are destroying the Colony. Aliens Adventure Game (1991), Leading Edge Games. SCORCHERTWILIGHTDEVIL'S PEAKTEMPLETARTARUSDEADFALL

Micor Sector: Morningstar

Advanced space exploration base for the establishment of a route from Micor to New Eden. Good progress was being made, but in the last few years funding has been cut and new exploration is on hold. The rulers of Micor have apparently decided that a direct route to New Eden is not in their best … Continue reading Micor Sector: Morningstar

Micor Sector: Pestron

A world in the early stages of colonization. Basic exploration and terraforming plans have been made, and the first Atmosphere Processors are in place. Construction of the rest of the terraforming equipment and of the future colony are in full swing. Aliens Adventure Game (1991), Leading Edge Games.

Micor Sector: Micor

This is the richest planet in the ICC, in the terms of the standard of living of the inhabitants. It is a nearly ideal world that has been fully terraformed, and is possessed of an Earthlike ecosystem. Micor has become a home for the rich of the ICC; wealthy stockholders from dozens of Corporations have … Continue reading Micor Sector: Micor