Micor Sector: Byron’s Hope

Advertisements This is a scene of a cancelled terraforming project by Pindel Corporation. A disaster destroyed the initial terraforming site and killed the head of Pindel and some of his top advisers, and ended the Corporation’s efforts here. Lacking effective leadership, Pindel decided to cut its losses and the new Corporate heads have settled for… Continue reading Micor Sector: Byron’s Hope

Micor Sector: Summit

Advertisements Summit is a Colony in the last stages of terraforming and is prepared for major expansion. The air is now breathable and the climate mild, so many Corporations are planning to move to this nearly ideal environment. This is the boom world for the next generation, and along with this economic and population boom… Continue reading Micor Sector: Summit

Micor Sector: Alamar

Advertisements The star in this system is a Red Giant, and Alamar is a Research Spacestation in orbit around it. There are 80 scientists and technicians here, conducting general research on stellar exploration probes and supporting equipment. Aliens Adventure Game (1991), Leading Edge Games.

Micor Sector: Lobo

Advertisements A large Colony which has expanded recently due to the increasing trade to and from Honeycomb. Terraforming was completed here only 8 years ago, and the population has grown rapidly to its current level of 70,000. Many of the new residents are involved with the advanced planning and transfer of the owning Corporations’ assets… Continue reading Micor Sector: Lobo

Micor Sector: Feldspar

Advertisements Feldspar is a Mining World that has been played out. Recent years have seen it transformed into a cargo storage and inspection point on the Honeycomb – Micor and Micor – Argos routes. Micor is concerned with illegal traffic into its territory (most of it through Grendel), and is using Feldspar as its control… Continue reading Micor Sector: Feldspar

Micor Sector: West Star

Advertisements This is a small Mining operation on the moons of the gas giant which rules this system. The operation uses remote mining robots for the work, and there is a crew of only 60 people here who oversee and maintain the robots. The substance being mined is Helium 3, which is the standard element… Continue reading Micor Sector: West Star

Micor Sector: Argos

Advertisements Argos is a dry, sand-swept world much like Mars. It has little water and a thin atmosphere, and these commodities are carefully maintained and conserved. Even with these restrictions, Argos is a thriving Colony with a population of 100,000. It is the base for a number of small manufacturing Corporations, and this industry is… Continue reading Micor Sector: Argos

Micor Sector: Astyanax

Advertisements This is a small Research Station with only rudimentary spacecraft repair abilities. It is located on a moon in three domed communities, where a decades-long biological experiment is being run. A team of 20 operates and maintains the station.The research involves the study of an indigenous life form called Brachous Slugs, and is nearing… Continue reading Micor Sector: Astyanax

Micor Sector

Advertisements This route runs from Earth to the rich world of Micor, and it is below and to the left of Earth on the Star Map. This sector has had a relatively peaceful past. Its Colonies were not self sufficient enough to rebel during the Colonial Wars and the Corporations owing the rich world of… Continue reading Micor Sector