Flora: Latex Reeds

Advertisements Latex Reeds 1. Use of Local: Naturally occurring latex and silks for restraint and restriction 2. Latex and silks for restraint and restriction 3. Local flora latex and silks I have identified these reeds as Typha, an aquatic and semi aquatic plant. It was probably selected because of its phallic shape, not to mention… Continue reading Flora: Latex Reeds

Reaction: David’s Drawings | Studio Yutani

Advertisements Today’s podcast is hosted by @muthur9000 and special guest host Michael Scuderi of ASH – A Fan Fiction Comic, with a guest contribution from Connor Coulson of Prometheus-by-Minute Podcast. If you enjoy our content please 👍🏼 like, 💯 rate, 🙌 share and ✅ subscribe to stay up to date and show your support! ✨… Continue reading Reaction: David’s Drawings | Studio Yutani

David’s Drawings and Exclusive SDCC Posters

Xenomorph by Matt Hatton

Advertisements Price: $50Where to buy: Titan Entertainment (Booth #5537)Not only will SDCC serve as an opportunity for fans to buy this impressive-looking sketchbook set ahead of its September release, this version will come with two exclusive art prints. Titan will even be featuring artist signings for those who want to get their books and prints… Continue reading David’s Drawings and Exclusive SDCC Posters

Shaw: Anatomical Angel

Advertisements “I wanted to play up the degree of ambiguity, contradiction and metaphor. Whether religious/blasphemous or playing on the notion of the “anatomical Venus” (reference of which came from Ridley, Chris Seagers and Victor Zolfo) and so on. David’s sociopathy in full flight and anachronistic feelings about Shaw.” – Matt Hatton. Jacques Fabien Gautier d’Agoty… Continue reading Shaw: Anatomical Angel

David’s Drawings Book Preview with Dane Hallett

Advertisements An hour ago my phone pinged with an update “Followers and fans… Tune in, in one hour for a broadcast of something… Special!!!” – Dane Hallett – Artist Page An exclusive look at Dane and Matt’s book that I interviewed them about on Alien Day. Podcast here Creatives: Dane Hallett & Matt Hatton – Episode… Continue reading David’s Drawings Book Preview with Dane Hallett

Flora: Amorphophallus Titanium

Fig B(Mature). Amorphophallus Titanum B The post industrial aesthetic apparent in their interplanetary vehicles and space suits seem the result of a congruent return to even older and natural forms.

Advertisements https://www.instagram.com/p/BU9I32ml3AU/ Transcription – David’s Illustrations Etymology Amorphophallus titanum, in Latin | Ancient Greek = άμορφος +  φαλλός amorphos = without form, misshapen + phallos = phallus + titanum = titan/giant (1) Amorphophallus titanum Also known as the titan arum is a flowering plant with the largest unbranched inflorescence(spike) in the world.(3) Due to its odour, like the smell… Continue reading Flora: Amorphophallus Titanium

Creatives: Alien Day 2018 – Creatives: Dane Hallett and Matt Hatton, Set Dec Illustrators and Concept Artists – Episode 9 – Yutani Podcast

Advertisements Title card design by Frans Hattingh Welcome to our Alien Day Creatives series special! We have a jam-packed 2.25-hour podcast filled with special greetings from many in the Alien Universe. https://youtu.be/2OJBnTD7xyg We would also like to announce that Dane and Matt are releasing a special David 8 Visual Art Diary, due to be released at… Continue reading Creatives: Alien Day 2018 – Creatives: Dane Hallett and Matt Hatton, Set Dec Illustrators and Concept Artists – Episode 9 – Yutani Podcast

Advent Analysis

Advertisements CASE FILE ADVENT // COVENANT TRANSMISSION LOGS d.5 E240F SURGICAL INVESTIGATION SPECIAL ORDER 754 EXPERIMENTAL TRIALS. Weyland-Yutani: Go ahead Covenant David: In order to help you unlock my research, I’ve included detailed illustrations and charts. For the sake of posterity. I’ve begun with a complete catalogue of the planet’s natural life, such beautiful creatures, poisonous and vicious… Continue reading Advent Analysis

Flora: Lumpy Gourd

Advertisements Massam Corrumpit Hard outer casing surrounding a somewhat fleshy substance which seems to be sufficient in satiating appetite. When extracted correctly the remaining shell creates a useful vessel. This concept art was by Matt Hatton I have identified this to be a bumpy gourd. It’s interesting that David mentions it’s sufficient to satiate an… Continue reading Flora: Lumpy Gourd

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