This is the site of exploratory mining and drilling operations. The world’s composition indicates that it has potential as a source of several rare elements, and science crews are still evaluating it. At present, only remote exploration sites are set up, with teams from CSC and a number of freelance groups licensed to conduct the […]

This is a small moon which possesses a few mining communities. These operations are centred on the crater left by the impact of an ancient meteor. Unique and valuable minerals were created by the combination of the meteor’s and the moon’s materials, subjected to the tremendous heat and pressures generated by the impact. Dome operations […]

Gliese 667 C d : Dante Colony [1,2] RA: 17h 18m 57s Dec: -34° 59′ 23″ Distance from Earth 22.7 Light years Other Designations GJ 667 C d, HR 6426 C d TERRAFORMED: 2034 – 2042 POPULATION: 11,000,000 ESTABLISHED: 2044* INDUSTRY: Manufacturing, Education, Mining. NOTES: Headquarters of the off-world Weyland Academy extension schools. Located on the edge of the habitable zone. Discovered in […]

GLIESE 581 D: UNITY CITY [1,2] RA: 15h 19m 26s  Dec: -7° 43′ 20″  Distance from Earth 20.4 Light years TERRAFORMED: 2046 – 2054 POPULATION: 14,400,000 ESTABLISHED: 2054* INDUSTRY: Mining, Refining, Light and Heavy Manufacturing.    NOTES: Massive reserves of industrial diamonds. Discovered in 2007. Located 20.4 light years from Earth (6.21 Parsecs)  KEY RESOURCES: Diamond[3], Lead[4], Zinc[5], Nickel[6], Niobium[7]. A new analysis shows that there is […]

GLIESE 876B: Xiwang Colony [1,2] RA: 22h 53m 13s Dec: -14° 15′ 13″ Distance from Earth 15.2 Lightyears Other Designations BD-15°6290, G 156-057, GCTP 5546.00, HIP 113020, IL Aquarii, LHS 530, Ross 780, Vys 337 TERRAFORMED: 2040 – 2048 POPULATION: 9,940,000 ESTABLISHED: 2048* INDUSTRY: Mining, Refining.    NOTES: Gliese 876b has large fields of natural […]