Yutani Corporate News – Navigator

Thank you jonathanfranklin16575eab0c, gabaonfox and rbharris67 for supporting Studio Yutani. Here's an update with the latest news. Subscriber Content Currently I am scanning the Prometheus Production Binders. For those who have been with us since the acquisition, I am currently scanning and uploading the files in 600dpi jpeg. It will take me a while to … Continue reading Yutani Corporate News – Navigator

Patreon – New Tiers and Titles

Our Patreon has received a refresh/re-launch with new rewards for our supporters! TIER BENEFITS Engineering Technician $1 or more per month You get early access to all Yutani Podcast episodes and Blog Posts and thanked in mid-roll credits for supporting us.Help shape future content by submitting suggestions and content to publish to yutani.studio Join $1 … Continue reading Patreon – New Tiers and Titles