Nostromo Crew Dossiers

Advertisements Written by Charles de Lauzirika for the ALIEN 20th Anniversary DVD, the Nostromo Crew Dossiers compile a history of the crew of the Nostromo. Some information contradicts other dates and other information can be seen as just Easter Eggs.I mentioned these dossiers in a recent episode of THE MUTHUR ROOM. So I decided to… Continue reading Nostromo Crew Dossiers

Psycho in Alien: Covenant

Advertisements The death of Callie Hernández character Upworth in Alien: Covenant (2017) visually shares similarities to Alfred Hitchcock’s Marion Crane in Psycho (1960) This is one of many horror homages built into the movie. Here’s a photo of the practical effects suit in the shower scene.   This vulnerable moment also mirrors… Continue reading Psycho in Alien: Covenant

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