Creatives: Alex White, Author of The Cold Forge | Studio Yutani

Advertisements Title card design by Frans Hattingh In this podcast, I talk to the author of Alien: The Cold Forge, Alex White. I have previously interviewed him for our Creatives series, and today we cover his inspiration for his character Blue Marsalis, and the Double Robotics presentation which sparked his idea. With mentions of Avatar,… Continue reading Creatives: Alex White, Author of The Cold Forge | Studio Yutani

The Green Lantern and Shaw’s Grave

Advertisements Gomphocarpus physocarpus is a species of “Milkweed”, also known as the Swan plant. In the movie Alien: Covenant, David places it on Elizabeth Shaw’s grave as an offering. Further analysis of this scene has revealed some interesting facts that may hold symbolic meaning and shows us what became of her. The Swan The “Swan” plant serves… Continue reading The Green Lantern and Shaw’s Grave

Bishara’s Syndrome

Advertisements Described in Alien The Cold Forge as a rare genetic disease, characterised by a series of epigenetic disorders that come from colonising. Its origin has been traced back to the first generation of space colonists, believed to be brought on by extended radiation exposure and the toxic environment of space living. Making it very… Continue reading Bishara’s Syndrome

Plagiarus praepotens

Advertisements Image: Bacteriaphage, acts like the plagiarus praepotens because of the way it takes the DNA from the host to reproduce. Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15, Plagiarus Praepotens Etymology Plagiarus= thief, in Latin | Praepotens= prae- +‎ potēns = before mighty, in latin Plagiarus = from Latin plagiarius “kidnapper, seducer, plunderer, one who kidnaps the child or… Continue reading Plagiarus praepotens

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