Creatives: Paul Nelson, VFX on Prometheus

Paul Nelson: Hi my name is Paul Nelson and I’m ex CG Build Supervisor for DNEGTV. Clara Fei-Fei/ @muthur9000 : How did you get into your line of work? PN: As long as I can remember I’ve always liked to draw, I loved film growing up and wanted to be either a storyboard artist or a matte …

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MARS: Leo Colony

WEYLAND MEGACORP ARCHIVES MARS: Leo[1] Colony TERRAFORMED: 2032 - 2040POPULATION: 22,670,000Also to note due to the location of Mars relative to Earth, the prime planetary launch opportunity for the Red Planet occurs only once every 26 months. Depending on whether direct travel from Earth or from the Moon was required to begin terraforming.

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MOON: Sea of Tranquility Colony

WEYLAND MEGACORP ARCHIVES MOON: "Mare Tranquillitatis" SEA OF TRANQUILITY [1] COLONY TERRAFORMED: 2031 - 2039POPULATION: 2,200,000  ESTABLISHED: 2041 INDUSTRY: Light Manufacturing, Cybernetics, Biotech, Security, Education, Mining    NOTES: The moon’s light gravity makes it ideal for specific types of technology manufacturing and biotech development KEY RESOURCES: Titanium[2], Helium-3[3], Hydrogen[4], Aluminum[5], Silica[6]   Events on Luna 10-Aug-2031 …

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