Fan Art by coalescedchaos

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Nostromo Crew Dossiers

Written by Charles de Lauzirika for the ALIEN 20th Anniversary DVD, the Nostromo Crew Dossiers compile a history of the crew of the Nostromo. Some information contradicts other dates and other information can be seen as just Easter Eggs.I mentioned these dossiers in a recent episode of THE MUTHUR ROOM. So I decided to put … Continue reading Nostromo Crew Dossiers

Fan Creative: Adele K Thomas Adele K. Thomas is a Melbourne based illustrator, director and art director, with over ten years of experience in animation film and TV design, children's books, advertising and apps.Currently Adele is illustrating two junior book series for Scholastic and Penguin Random House and would love to move into children's picture books. Her experience in animation … Continue reading Fan Creative: Adele K Thomas

Artist Guild Commission: Ripley by Sam Ee

Sam Ee is an artist Illustrator from Perth, Australia. They specialise in Graphics design, UI and photography. I commissioned them to draw a piece for Studio Yutani, with no specific design concept except it is for our Alien Day. This was the lovely design they came up with. Ripley by Sam Ee You can see … Continue reading Artist Guild Commission: Ripley by Sam Ee