Alien Pins on eBay

Part of my generic Alien Crew Jacket is this particular set of pins, the crew insignia represents the job role on the ship. Original insignia designs for Alien, by John Mollo. Source: The Authorized Portfolio of Crew Insignias from The UNITED STATES COMMERCIAL SPACESHIP NOSTROMO Designs and Realizations via speculative identities eBay: The Alien Movie Pin Badge … Continue reading Alien Pins on eBay

David’s Drawings and Exclusive SDCC Posters

Price: $50Where to buy: Titan Entertainment (Booth #5537)Not only will SDCC serve as an opportunity for fans to buy this impressive-looking sketchbook set ahead of its September release, this version will come with two exclusive art prints. Titan will even be featuring artist signings for those who want to get their books and prints autographed.BEST … Continue reading David’s Drawings and Exclusive SDCC Posters