Crew Messages: Tennessee

Advertisements Transcript Well I told you I’d get out of LynchburgI bet you didn’t think it was going to be like this though did ya?I ahh, I am about to go into hypersleep but I couldn’t do that without having one more drink with my little baby brother so…Smuggled a little of our favourite… Continue reading Crew Messages: Tennessee

Fan Creatives: Violin Dragoness, Musician

Advertisements Today I am interviewing Violin Dragoness who really loved Alien: Isolation so much she’s writing two songs about it. Let’s get to know her relationship with Alien and what it means to her. Clara Fei-Fei: What was the first Alien movie you watched? How old were you at the time? rushing-to-slay-that-darn-dragon: The first Alien… Continue reading Fan Creatives: Violin Dragoness, Musician

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