Fungi: Puff Spores

Puff Spores Basidiomycota Puff Ball Fungus Illustration by Dane Hallett 1. Clostridio tetani(Clostridia tetani ) - sanaerobic pathogena (anaerobic pathogen ) 2. Euniceral strains are found on countless varieties of (the) substrate and requires acid fermentation in harsh conditions. to produce acid for its offspring 3. Once the spore has reached fertility, toxins are injected into the host's bloodstream … Continue reading Fungi: Puff Spores

The Philosopher’s Stone

By Unidentified artist - MET Museum, Public Domain Cintamani, Sanat Kumara, Lumiel & Kshitigarbha - The Wishing Stone of Shambhala In Buddhism the Cintamani is a stone which people believed granted wishes, commonly thought to be the Philosopher’s stone. Dragon Ball the anime had been inspired by this myth as well and it was said that it … Continue reading The Philosopher’s Stone