Alex White’s Into Charybdis is out in US and UK!

Advertisements Unfortunately for me I have to wait until the 16th of March to get the Kindle/Hardcover edition. But I am listening to the audiobook and I am really enjoying it! Make sure you get it from your local bookstore. Order a signed copy from Read-It-Again, ships to USA and Canada I will be recording… Continue reading Alex White’s Into Charybdis is out in US and UK!


Advertisements Special thanks to Weston for sitting down with me and having a chat about what it is like to write for an Alien tie in Novel and also his experience with the Alien Universe.This podcast contains no spoilers. About Weston OchseWeston Ochse is the author of more than twenty five books, most recently the… Continue reading ALIEN DAY MEGACAST: WESTON OCHSE, AUTHOR OF ALIEN INFILTRATOR

Alien: The Coloring Book

Advertisements The Alien: The Coloring Book is another prize listed in the 40 YEARS OF ALIEN SWEEPSTAKES, my daughter has been nagging me to get this for her since it came out in May 9, 2017. I guess I better get it for her now, it’s been nearly 2 years! Forget relaxing mandalas and sharpen… Continue reading Alien: The Coloring Book

Alien The Blueprints

Advertisements Alien: The Blueprints is a collection of brand new blueprints of all the major vehicles, ships and technology of the Alien movie universe. Artist Graham Langridge delves deep into the concept art, set designs and photography to recreate full and accurate blueprints of the drop ship, the Sulaco, the Nostromo and many more.… Continue reading Alien The Blueprints

Reaction: David’s Drawings | Studio Yutani

Advertisements Today’s podcast is hosted by @muthur9000 and special guest host Michael Scuderi of ASH – A Fan Fiction Comic, with a guest contribution from Connor Coulson of Prometheus-by-Minute Podcast. If you enjoy our content please like, rate, share and subscribe to stay up to date and show your support! Please… Continue reading Reaction: David’s… Continue reading Reaction: David’s Drawings | Studio Yutani


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