Aaron Percival(Corporal Hicks) and Eric Adams(@fangsome/Xenomorphine) join @muthur9000 for a News Update. I am sad to say I have been inundated with work and life but thank goodness for AvP Galaxy being right on top of news to keep you all up to date with everything, thanks Aaron and Eric for joining me this morning. […]

Added date of the recording played of Sir Peter Weyland in Prometheus mission briefing to timeline ALIEN + BLADE RUNNER SHARED UNIVERSE TIMELINE The Predator Giveaway! Comic sequel to Aliens: Defiance and Alien: Isolation Competition time! William Gibson’s Alien 3 Alien: Echo by Mira Grant due April 9, 2019 Farewell Al Matthews… Westworld Minisode SE1 EP1 […]

Hello blog subscribers, My apologies for all the spam you must be getting currently. We are currently moving things around and trying to get our page organised for you. You can change your notifications to a weekly digest so you don’t end up with a load of emails on the Notifications Settings page. We have also just […]