Creatives: Paul Nelson, VFX on Prometheus

Advertisements Paul Nelson: Hi my name is Paul Nelson and I’m ex CG Build Supervisor for DNEGTV. Clara Fei-Fei/ @muthur9000 : How did you get into your line of work? PN: As long as I can remember I’ve always liked to draw, I loved film growing up and wanted to be either a storyboard artist or a… Continue reading Creatives: Paul Nelson, VFX on Prometheus

Creatives: Wayne Haag and Ev Shipard, Concept Art and Visual Effects – Episode 15 – Yutani Podcast

Earlier this year I had interviewed Wayne Haag and Ev Shipard and today they join me on the podcast talking about their experience working on Alien: Covenant. You can read my interviews with them here and check out their concept art as well. Creatives: Ev Shipard | Creatives: Wayne Haag Patreon supporters have exclusive access to outtakes […]