In search of a new Host

Advertisements Hi all, muthur9000 here. Yutani has been a major part of my life and I love the Alien, Scifi and Horror community so much. But things have come up in my life that is really important, so I have to re-prioritise. I am looking for a new host for Yutani, this community initiative was… Continue reading In search of a new Host

Yutani Social Media Update

Advertisements Since we have decided on the name Studio Yutani, we will be rebranding all our social media links(where we can) across the board.Please note that on twitter @yutani_assets is now Instagram @muthur9000 is now on LinkedIn we are now Studio Yutani but with the same web address on Patreon YutaniPodcast is now Soundcloud we… Continue reading Yutani Social Media Update

1st Birthday Retrospective | Studio Yutani

Thank you to the Yutani crew Luis Lopez, Mike Andrews, Jason Romeo Leger, Connor Coulson/ Prometheus-by-Minute, Babak Ni, Paul Ripp, Frans Hattingh, Christopher Isaac Bustos, Zoe Wible, Michael Joseph Kenwell, Enoch, Mercury, Mattie, Roxy, BarSoapSoup Alien, Baedavid8/Sachi, Clayre/ Gothic-Fiction-In-Space, Gray Malkin, Blogger Iamquantumalice, Blogger Hammerpedetime, Blogger uscss prometheus, Accerino and Ash A Fan Fiction Comic. Special thanks to our Patreon supporters, with your dedication and support enables …

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Happy Birthday Yutani!

Advertisements I thought I’d celebrate by sharing my first Tumblr blog post, look how far we’ve come since. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this blog. @graymalkin28 @hypercyberspacehybrid @jasonromeo @officerjoek9 @traviandesigns @wormriderlv223 @coalescedchaos And to those who help out with our Facebook page And to those who were there from the very beginning… Continue reading Happy Birthday Yutani!

News: Disney Fox Acquisition – Episode 12 – Yutani Podcast

Advertisements Today there has been quite a lot of news at once, Disney has finally stepped up their bid for Fox assets, design great Richard Greenberg has passed away and fake news of an Alien film rumoured to be in production has the fandom filled with false hope. Mr.H will be joining me tonight to… Continue reading News: Disney Fox Acquisition – Episode 12 – Yutani Podcast

Creatives: Alex White, Author of The Cold Forge | Studio Yutani

Advertisements Title card design by Frans Hattingh In this podcast, I talk to the author of Alien: The Cold Forge, Alex White. I have previously interviewed him for our Creatives series, and today we cover his inspiration for his character Blue Marsalis, and the Double Robotics presentation which sparked his idea. With mentions of Avatar,… Continue reading Creatives: Alex White, Author of The Cold Forge | Studio Yutani

Yutani on TeePublic & Patron

Advertisements Hi Yutani Blog & podcast followers, to help raise more funds and also support emerging artists we have opened a Tee Public Store as well as a Patron. Patron is just like Patreon but linked to Podbean, which is handy for Podbean subscribers that want to support us. Have a look and let us… Continue reading Yutani on TeePublic & Patron

We now have a Patreon

Advertisements Yutani Corporation Patreon You can now support Yutani by contributing monthly to our ongoing admin costs or help us upgrade our subscriptions to give you better quality content. We have hit our monthly goal so we don’t have any advertising activated and we are not taking any paid posts currently. For transparency you will… Continue reading We now have a Patreon

Fan Creatives: Mr H Reviews, YouTuber – Episode 3 – Yutani Podcast

Advertisements I got in touch with the mysterious Mr H on twitter and asked him if he’d like to be a part of our Fan Creatives series, and of course, he said yes. I hadn’t really planned to interview him so randomly, I just decided to get in touch with him after a live stream… Continue reading Fan Creatives: Mr H Reviews, YouTuber – Episode 3 – Yutani Podcast