Former Yutani Director – Lady Anne – DE-CLASSIFIED

Name: Anne Ripley Boleyn, PhD

D.O.B: 26 December, 2092

City of Birth: Olympia Colony – Luna, United Americas.

Educational Background: PhD in Geomorphology – Volcanology & Plate Teutonics. PhD in Astrobiology & Astroecology.

Graduated both with honors from the International Alliance University of Science in 2120 & 2121 respectively.

Employed By: The International Astronomy & Science Alliance (I.A.S.A)

Job Description: Astro-Geomorphologist studying Volcanology & Plate Teutonics on newly discovered planets & moons. Researching stability and habitable conditions for future colonial development for military, research, and mining operations. Researching projected growth potential for International Science Alliance projects in area’s of other world/moon indigenous flora and fauna in relation to human contact, as well as precautions and procedures needed for initial and prolonged contact and exposure. Military adviser for non-Earth hostile animal and plant operations.